The Late Mail: Broncos v Roosters

Brisbane Broncos v Sydney Roosters

Brisbane Broncos v Sydney Roosters

Brisbane take the named 17 in - with internal changes. Tarryn Aiken (to half) and Ali Brigginshaw (to lock) swap. Shannon Mato starts prop with Chelsea Lenarduzzi benched.

The Roosters have good news with Botille Vette-Welsh cleared to play. The fullback's return means Shanice Parker moves to the wing and Taleena Simon drops out.

Brisbane Broncos

1. Tamika Upton 2. Shenae Ciesiolka 3. Julia Robinson 4. Jayme Fressard 5. Meg Ward 6. Raecene McGregor 13. Tarryn Aiken 8. Millie Boyle 9. Lauren Brown 16. Shannon Mato 11. Amber Hall 12. Tallisha Harden 7. Ali Brigginshaw 10. Chelsea Lenarduzzi 14. Annette Brander 15. Jessika Elliston 17. Chante Temara

Sydney Roosters

19. Botille Vette-Welsh 1. Shanice Parker 3. Corban McGregor 4. Yasmin Meakes 5. Brydie Parker 6. Melanie Howard 7. Zahara Temara 8. Simaima Taufa 9. Nita Maynard 10. Filomina Hanisi 11. Vanessa Foliaki 12. Sarah Togatuki 13. Hannah Southwell 14. Quincy Dodd 15. Kennedy Cherrington 16. Grace Hamilton 17. Jocelyn Kelleher

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