Monday's Expert - Round 22 wrap

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Monday's Expert is here - with a full wrap of everything happening around the rugby league traps this Monday 19 August 2019. Includes match review charges, POTY leaderboard, crowds, ratings and injury news.

First things first...

The results are in. Check out how Round 22 played out in our one-page results wrap. You can check out results from any competition across the NSWRL and QRL, as well as Super League and Championship here.

Our match reports for the twenty-second round can be found here.

And while we're on it, thank you as always to our dedicated volunteer updaters and writers - Andrew Jackson, Justin Davies, Sam Bourke, Andrew Ferguson, Josh Robertson and Rob Crosby.

Match review

Nine players charged far in Round 22:

Luke Brooks (Wests Tigers)
8th minute, Grade 1 Contrary Conduct on Jack Gosiewski
Base penalty $1500 fine
1 x non-similar prior offence last 2 years (20% loading)
Guilty / no contest $1800 fine
Early guilty plea $1350 fine
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: $1350 fine

Michael Jennings (Eels)
3rd minute, Grade 1 Tripping on Kevin Proctor
Base penalty $1500 fine
1 x non-similar prior offence last 2 years (20% loading)
Guilty / no contest $1800 fine
Early guilty plea $1350 fine
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: $1350 fine

Jake Turpin (Broncos)
8th minute, Grade 2 Dangerous Contact (head/neck) on Dylan Edwards
Base penalty 300 points
Guilty / no contest 300 points (3 matches)
Early guilty plea 225 points (2 matches)
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOMESuspended 2 matches. 25 carryover points accrued.

Tevita Pangai (Broncos)
79th minute, Grade 2 Dangerous Contact (head/neck) on James Maloney
Base penalty 300 points
3 x non-similar prior offences last 2 years (60% loading)
75 carryover points to add
Guilty / no contest 480+75=555 points (5 matches)
Early guilty plea 360+75=435 points (4 matches)
PLEA: Guilty - disputes grading
OUTCOME: Downgrade unsuccessful. Suspended 5 matches, 55 carryover points accrued.

Anthony Milford (Broncos)
37th minute, Grade 1 Tripping on Nathan Cleary
Base penalty $1500 fine
Guilty / no contest $1500 fine
Early guilty plea $1150 fine
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: $1150 fine

Aiden Tolman (Bulldogs)
25th minute, Grade 1 Dangerous Contact (other) on Cameron Murray
Base penalty 100 points
Guilty / no contest 100 points (1 match)
Early guilty plea 75 points (0 matches)
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: No suspension. 75 carryover points accrued.

Cameron Munster (Storm)
63rd minute, Grade 1 Dangerous Contact (other) on Iosia Soliola
Base penalty 100 points
1 x non-similar prior offence last 2 years (20% loading)
Guilty / no contest 120 points (1 match)
Early guilty plea 90 points (0 matches)
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: No suspension. 90 carryover points accrued.

Joseph Tapine (Raiders)
16th minute, Grade 1 Contrary Conduct on Nelson Asofa-Solomona
Base penalty $1500 fine
Guilty / no contest $1500 fine
Early guilty plea $1150 fine
PLEA: Guilty - early plea
OUTCOME: $1150 fine

Jazz Tevaga (Warriors)
62nd minute, Grade 1 Dangerous Contact (other)
Base penalty 100 points
Guilty / no contest 100 points (1 match)
Early guilty plea 75 points (0 matches)

The LU Leaderboard

At the conclusion of each match our reporters choose their best three players from the match. You can views those points in each match in their respective match reports. Each week we'll update the leaderboard:

29 points - James Tedesco (Roosters)
25 points - Cameron Smith (Storm)
24 points - Cameron Munster (Storm)
22 points - Mitchell Moses (Eels)
20 points - Daly Cherry-Evans (Sea Eagles), Cody Walker (Rabbitohs)
19 points - Mitchell Pearce (Knights), Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys), Josh Papalii (Raiders), James Maloney (Panthers)
18 points - Payne Haas (Broncos), Anthony Milford (Broncos)
17 points - Luke Keary (Roosters)
16 points - John Bateman (Raiders), Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (Warriors), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (Raiders)
15 points - David Klemmer (Knights)
14 points - Clint Gutherson (Eels), James Fisher-Harris (Panthers), Kalyn Ponga (Knights), Shaun Johnson (Sharks)
13 points - Cameron Murray (Rabbitohs), Damien Cook (Rabbitohs)
12 points - Blake Green (Warriors), Luke Brooks (Wests Tigers), Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers), Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers), Josh Hodgson (Raiders), Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles)
11 points - Latrell Mitchell (Roosters), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Storm), Adam Reynolds (Rabbitohs)
10 points - Tyrone Roberts (Titans), Ben Hunt (Dragons), Kenneath Bromwich (Storm)
9 points - Kieran Foran (Bulldogs), Paul Gallen (Sharks), Paul Vaughan (Dragons), Michael Morgan (Cowboys)
8 points - Corey Norman (Dragons), Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (Panthers), Manase Fainu (Sea Eagles), Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles), Martin Taupau (Sea Eagles), Siosiua Taukeiaho (Roosters)
7 points - Corey Thompson (Wests Tigers), Jahrome Hughes (Storm), Nathan Cleary (Panthers), John Asiata (Cowboys), Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors)
6 points - Bronson Xerri (Sharks), Jack Cogger (Bulldogs), Reed Mahoney (Eels), Brian To'o (Panthers), Issac Luke (Warriors), Viliame Kikau (Panthers), Brandon Smith (Storm)
5 points - Wade Graham (Sharks), Blake Ferguson (Eels), Josh Morris (Sharks), Briton Nikora (Sharks), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Corey Harawira-Naera (Bulldogs), Aiden Tolman (Bulldogs), Corey Oates (Broncos), Addin Fonua-Blake (Sea Eagles), Brian Kelly (Titans)
4 points - Matthew Lodge (Broncos), Josh Jackson (Bulldogs), Ken Maumalo (Warriors), Ryan Sutton (Raiders), Kane Elgey (Sea Eagles), Jack Wighton (Raiders), Jesse Bromwich (Storm), Andrew Fifita (Sharks), Nelson Asofa-Solomona (Storm), Brodie Croft (Storm), Nathan Brown (Eels), Chad Townsend (Sharks), Manu Ma'u (Eels), Will Hopoate (Bulldogs), Jake Clifford (Cowboys), David Fifita (Broncos), Josh Addo-Carr (Storm), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Roosters), Liam Martin (Panthers), Jayden Okunbor (Bulldogs)
3 points - Reuben Garrick (Sea Eagles), Gareth Widdop (Dragons), Victor Radley (Roosters), Maika Sivo (Eels), Joel Thompson (Sea Eagles), Kodi Nikorima (Broncos), Braden Hamlin-Uele (Sharks), Connor Watson (Knights), Boyd Cordner (Roosters), Jake Turpin (Broncos), Moses Mbye (Wests Tigers), Matt Moylan (Sharks), Joseph Manu (Roosters), Brendan Elliot (Sea Eagles), Aidan Sezer (Raiders), Curtis Sironen (Sea Eagles), John Sutton (Rabbitohs), Joe Ofahengaue (Broncos), Tevita Pangai (Broncos), Michael Gordon (Titans), Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs), James Graham (Dragons), Dylan Brown (Eels), Josh McGuire (Cowboys), Jarrod Croker (Raiders), Jai Arrow (Titans), Lachlan Croker (Sea Eagles), Josh Reynolds (Wests Tigers), Kyle Flanagan (Sharks), Brandon Wakeham (Bulldogs), Jarome Luai (Panthers)
2 points - Lachlan Lewis (Bulldogs), Jazz Tevaga (Warriors), Isaac Liu (Roosters), Josh Hoffman (Eels), Scott Drinkwater (Storm), Mason Lino (Knights), Mitchell Barnett (Knights), Suliasi Vunivalu (Storm), Brett Morris (Roosters), Waqa Blake (Panthers), Matt Burton (Panthers), Jamayne Isaako (Broncos), Justin Olam (Storm), Angus Crichton (Roosters), Edrick Lee (Knights), Cameron McInnes (Dragons), Daniel Alvaro (Eels), Alex Twal (Wests Tigers), Kotoni Staggs (Broncos), Esan Marsters (Wests Tigers), Joseph Tapine (Raiders), Herman Ese'ese (Knights), Andrew McCullough (Broncos), Jarrod Wallace (Titans), Jayden Brailey (Sharks), Ryan James (Titans), Michael Chee-Kam (Wests Tigers), Josh Mansour (Panthers), Blake Lawrie (Dragons), Danny Levi (Knights), Michael Jennings (Eels), Matt Scott (Cowboys), Phillip Sami (Titans), Connor Tracey (Rabbitohs), Moeaki Fotuaika (Titans), Jordan Rapana (Raiders), Joseph Leilua (Raiders), Kyle Feldt (Cowboys), Joe Lovodua (Dragons)
1 point - Matthew Dufty (Dragons), Anthony Don (Titans), Agnatius Paasi (Warriors), Bailey Simonsson (Raiders), Nathaniel Roache (Warriors), Matt Prior (Sharks), Thomas Burgess (Rabbitohs), Alexander Brimson (Titans), Jack Williams (Sharks), Sitili Tupouniua (Roosters), Luciano Leilua (Dragons), Sione Mata'utia (Knights), Jack Gosiewski (Sea Eagles), Campbell Graham (Rabbitohs), Peta Hiku (Warriors), Reimis Smith (Bulldogs), Russell Packer (Wests Tigers), Jack Bird (Broncos), Jake Granville (Cowboys), Tepai Moeroa (Eels), Daniel Tupou (Roosters), Cade Cust (Sea Eagles), Christian Crichton (Bulldogs), Shaun Lane (Eels), Adam Elliott (Bulldogs), Brad Takairangi (Eels), Jesse Ramien (Knights), Jacob Host (Dragons), James Tamou (Panthers), Liam Knight (Rabbitohs), Braidon Burns (Rabbitohs), Matt Ikuvalu (Roosters), Tariq Sims (Dragons)

Sore points

A quick look at the injury news to come out of Round 22:

Gerard Beale (Warriors) - kneecap - early 2020 season

Matt Moylan (Sharks) - hamstring - monitored

Braidon Burns (Rabbitohs) - hamstring - scans

Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs) - quad - monitored

Connor Watson (Knights) - MCL - monitored

Jordan Kahu (Cowboys) - eye socket - monitored

Joseph Tapine (Raiders) - rib - TBC

Jacob Liddle (Wests Tigers) - ACL - season

The good news

Here's who clubs could be expecting back this week either from suspension or injury - keep an eye out for their names on Tuesday as teamlists are named:

Broncos: Matt Gillett, Alex Glenn

Raiders: Joey Leilua

Sharks: Andrew Fifita

Sea Eagles: Curtis Sironen

Storm: Curtis Scott

Knights: Tim Glasby, James Gavet

Cowboys: Jordan Kahu, Ben Hampton

Eels: Junior Paulo

Panthers: Jarome Luai

Rabbitohs: Alex Johnston

Roosters: Siosiua Taukieaho, Boyd Cordner, Ryan Hall

Warriors: Karl Lawton, David Fusitu'a

Wests Tigers: Moses Mbye

Metrics Metrics Metrics

Each week we'll do our best to keep you across the crowd figures and TV ratings which are often the most talked-about parts of the game.

Round 22 attendance (times are AEST)

Thu 7:50pm Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers Lottoland 8,512
Fri 6pm Titans v Eels Cbus Super 10,780
Fri 7:55pm Broncos v Panthers Suncorp 23,643
Sat 3pm Knights v Cowboys McDonald Jones 16,752
Sat 5:30pm Storm v Raiders AAMI 17,769
Sat 7:35pm Rabbitohs v BulldogsANZ 14,112
Sun 2pm Roosters v Warriors SCG 12,227
Sun 4:05pm Sharks v Dragons PointsBet 13,652
Round Average 14,680
Round Total 117,447
Season Average 14,949 Season Total 2,511,485

After 22 rounds last year (NRL season 2018), 2,518,819 had attended 168 matches at an average of 14,992 per game.

Round 22 ratings

Day/Time Match Nine Network Fox League Aggregate
Thu 7:50pm Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers 417K (246K metro, 171K reg) 182K 599K
Fri 6pm Titans v Eels N/A 213K 213K
Fri 7:55pm Broncos v Panthers 536K (345K metro, 191K reg) 230K 766K
Sat 3pm Knights v Cowboys N/A
170K 170K
Sat 5:30pm Storm v Raiders N/A
267K 267K
Sat 7:35pm Rabbitohs v Bulldogs 357K (216K metro, 141K reg)
238K 595K
Sun 2pm Roosters v Warriors N/A 175K175K
Sun 4:05pm Sharks v Dragons 443K (256K metro, 187K reg) 231K 674K

Totals 1.753M1.706M 3.459M

Note: Ratings figures courtesy of Mediaweek Australia on Twitter and TV Tonight.

Vale was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of young Batley Bulldogs player Archie Bruce over the weekend. The 20-year-old made his debut for the English Championship side in their 46-0 loss to Toulouse Olympique XIII on Saturday UK time, but was sadly found deceased in his hotel room the following morning.

Our thoughts are with his friends, family and the Batley RLFC club's staff & playing group.

Following is a statement posted on Batley's Twitter account earlier:

We are devastated to announce the passing of our young player Archie Bruce (20),  who was found in his hotel bedroom early this morning,  having made his debut against Toulouse yesterday evening.

Archie's immediate family have been informed. Batley Bulldogs, the RFL and the RFL Benevolent Fund will be supporting the family while enquiries by the French authorities continue, with the club squad delaying their return to the UK.

The Bruce family have requested privacy during this most difficult of times.