Full Time
2:00pm Sun May 19, 2019
Round 10 - Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium - Crowd: 9267

FULL TIME - Knights up to 5th with a big 45-12 win.


The short dropout doesn't go 10 and even with 30 seconds left, Mitchell Pearce rallies the troops and wants another try. Kalyn Ponga kicks through and Hymel Hunt steams onto it but can't get it as Matthew Dufty cleans it up.


Field Goal: Knights
Kicked by Mitchell Pearce.

Pearce - that is a massive strike and it sails straight through the posts.

Knights lead Dragons 12 - 45 Knights

ALMOST! After setting up both of their tries Ben Hunt is over but Kalyn Ponga is just there in time to knock the ball free as Hunt dives over the line.


The Dragons get the ball back off the short dropout.


Kurt Mann with a nice grubber which traps Matthew Dufty in-goal.


Josh Kerr goes above to take the short dropout but is penalised with the officials ruling it did not go 10.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

The big 50 is now in sight.

Knights lead Dragons 12 - 44 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Connor Watson. Kick to come.

Mitchell Barnett, he fights in the tackle frees the arm and offloads for Watson to score.

Knights lead Dragons 12 - 42 Knights

Penalty Knights now. Euan Aitken for checking Edrick Lee. They are 10 out.


Newcastle with it back now, 30 out.


Mitchell Pearce puts a bomb up for Shaun Kenny-Dowall but he misses it and Jordan Pereira has it.


Let off for Newcastle as the ball goes dead off the boot. They get a seven-tackle set. Ben Hunt now goes for the one-on-one strip but pulls it forward. Knights ball again.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Jai Field.

Field nails it from the sideline.

Knights lead Dragons 12 - 38 Knights

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

Luciano Leilua bumps off several tackles before offloading for Ben Hunt who kicks early and Lomax goes over in the corner.

Knights lead Dragons 10 - 38 Knights

Dragons looking far better with the one-man overlap but Newcastle have it back after Kalyn Ponga rises above to take the bomb on the last.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Jai Field.

Field closes the gap to 32.

Knights lead Dragons 6 - 38 Knights

Try: Dragons
Scored by Tariq Sims. Kick to come.

Ben Hunt short to Sims and they finally score.

Knights lead Dragons 4 - 38 Knights

Mann is the man who is binned after they concede another penalty.


Another penalty to Saints. They've had plenty of chances really but still not looking likely to break them.


Penalty Dragons and they have another chance to get their first points of the afternoon. They are 10 out.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga puts it through.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 38 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Mitchell Pearce. Kick to come.

Jesse Ramien running sideways, offloads and space is created outside for Edrick Lee who streaks away and kicks inside and Pearce scores for the fourth straight game.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 36 Knights

Tariq Sims with an error...


Saints surge upfield and now get a penalty for a leg pull. Dragons 10 out.


Kalyn Ponga again - steps four defenders and goes over for his third - but Lachlan Fitzgibbon is absolutely stupid and briefly holds Tyson Frizell back. No try.


Saints spread it left to Jordan Pereira but he is taken into touch. Scrum fee Knights on their own 20.


But they concede a penalty and the Dragons get easy access out of their own half.


Another strong set after points as Newcastle find touch 15 out.


Conversion: Knights
Attempted by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga hits the posts from the sideline.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 32 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Shaun Kenny-Dowall. Kick to come.

Mitchell Pearce lofts the ball over the top for SKD who sneaks over in the corner.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 32 Knights

Herman Ese'ese has the ball stripped out. Another penalty. Knights 10 out.


First penalty of the half to Newcastle. They start their new set 40 out.


Ben Hunt also clears the ball on the last to Kalyn Ponga who links with Edrick Lee. Knights start their second set on their own 30.


Matthew Dufty under the high ball as Newcastle complete their first set of the second half.


Back underway.


HALF TIME - The Dragons have been quite obviously terrible and the Knights have taken full advantage, leading 28-0 at the break.


Lachlan Fitzgibbon spins towards the line but drops it in a strong tackle from Ben Hunt.


Shaun Kenny-Dowall - he makes up for it with an intercept! He is pulled up 20 out. Big chance now for the Knights to push further ahead.


Knights concede an early penalty.


Shaun Kenny-Dowall with an error and Dragons are 20 out with a chance to hit back.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga again puts it through.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 28 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Kurt Mann. Kick to come.

This is just awful. Mitchell Pearce short to Kurt Mann who slices straight through a gaping hole.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 26 Knights

Kalyn Ponga under the high ball on the last. He links with Edrick Lee who takes it up and Newcastle start this set on their own 20. They shift it right now as Jesse Ramien is tackled on halfway. 40 out on the last - Ponga kicks, it looks way too big at first but it sits up perfectly. Dropout coming.


Matthew Dufty rises above to take the bomb on the last and Saints survive that attacking raid.


Ben Hunt rushes another kick but again it goes dead.


A rare error from Newcastle as they explore the left edge - a forward pass from Hymel Hunt to Edrick Lee. Dragons ball on halfway.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

That's 18 points for Ponga.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 22 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Kalyn Ponga. Kick to come.

Ponga! Again! He splits them through the middle and beats Matthew Dufty to reach out and score.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 20 Knights

In contrast, Ben Hunt completely drills it dead and Newcastle get a seven-tackle set. Again, Danny Levi with great metres out of dummy-half. He's been fantastic. David Klemmer with a strong carry. Knights 20 out.


Mitchell Pearce finds touch 15 out from the Dragons line. Nice play after points.


Penalty Goal: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga adds the extras.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 16 Knights

Newcastle will shoot for two.


Ben Hunt to the air on the last from halfway and Edrick Lee simply stands under it and takes the ball. Knights working it from inside their own half. Danny Levi providing great service from dummy-half. Jai Field now blocks Kalyn Ponga out of the way on the last and a penalty is blown.


To their credit the Dragons scramble well - on the last Kalyn Ponga quickly shifts it to Edrick Lee but he is taken well.


Tyson Frizell with a poor error, Knights 10 out, Dragons already on tilt.


Another great set from Newcastle. Mitchell Pearce drives the ball towards the sideline, Jordan Pereira collects it and is tackled 10 out.


Dragons with a seven-tackle set and they are already over the 40. Timoteo Lafai surging down the left edge, tries to offload inside but drops the ball 20 out.


Massive let-off for the Dragons. Matthew Dufty fumbles the bomb and Edrick Lee pounces to score but replays show it JUST scraped Danny Levi's hand forward in the lead-up. No try.


Saints send the kick-off out on the full... not much going well for them.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga already with 10 points this afternoon.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 14 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Kalyn Ponga. Kick to come.

Ponga sneaks through Blake Lawrie and Tyson Frizell and slices over next to the posts.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 12 Knights

The kick on the last bounces for Matthew Dufty who is again manhandled, this time by Mitchell Barnett. Dragons again on their own 20 and struggling for metres as four Knights force Timoteo Lafai back 10 metres. Over the 40 on the last and Ben Hunt clears it and it bounces dead.


Penalty Goal: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

No worries for Ponga.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 8 Knights

Tariq Sims penalised for staying on Daniel Saifiti too long and Newcastle will shoot for two.


Kurt Mann forces the dropout as Jordan Pereira is trapped in-goal.


Zac Lomax with a drop in the play the ball. Knights 40 out with the scrum fee.


Clearing kick after points and Matthew Dufty brings it past the 30 but is dragged back in a strong tackle by Jesse Ramien.


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga slots it from right in front.

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 6 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Tim Glasby. Kick to come.

Mitchell Pearce with a lovely grubber and Glasby is there first to score!

Knights lead Dragons 0 - 4 Knights

Dragons outside backs getting involved in this set early. They bring their side up to the 40 on the last as Ben Hunt drives it to Kalyn Ponga who links with Shaun Kenny-Dowall. Knights start this set on their 10. And earn a penalty.


Newcastle rolling up field well through Danny Levi. Over halfway on the fourth through David Klemmer. Mitchell Pearce to the air, all the chasers looked offside but Blake Lawrie dives on it.


Dragons with first use of the ball. Tyson Frizell up over the 20 on the second. James Graham then past the 30. Blake Lawrie up to the 40. Conservative start as Ben Hunt goes high on the last to Edrick Lee. He brings it out to the 20.


Kick off underway at Mudgee.

Both sides in a huddle as we commemorate the recent passing of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Changes for both sides - Josh Kerr comes onto the bench for the Dragons with Jeremy Latimore dropping off. Meanwhile, Kurt Mann starts at five-eighth for Newcastle. Connor Watson goes back to the bench.

Good afternoon and welcome to Mudgee for today's clash between the Dragons and Knights.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Gerard Sutton, Liam Kennedy

Touch Judges: Rickey McFarlane, Mark Bohan

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea

Tries: Tariq Sims, Zac Lomax
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jai Field (2/2)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Tim Glasby, Kalyn Ponga (2), Kurt Mann, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Mitchell Pearce, Connor Watson
Field Goals: Mitchell Pearce (1/1)
Conversions: Kalyn Ponga (6/7)
Penalty Goals: Kalyn Ponga (2/2)